Instruction Manuals & Other 9.5mm Literature

I will try to place some scans of various instruction manuals here converted to .pdf format.

Pathex Automatic Camera Motion Picture Camera. Instruction book for photographing with the Pathex Automatic Motion Picture Camera. The manual appears to date from 1927. This was the first (?) model with a spring-wound motor. It was a bulky attachment which fit onto the side of the camera body. This booklet contains information about the Portrait Attachment and the Pathexgraph, a titling attachment.

Pathe Motocamera Instructions. This is the model with the spring-wound motor incorporated into the body; a much sleeker design than the Auto Camera. This manual appears to date from 1929. There may be a couple of pages missing at the end.

Instructions for the Pathex "Baby" Projector This includes a line drawing of the Pathe/Pathex film splicer and instructions for use. The photos did not scan well but I will try again sometime.

A French-language instruction manual for the Pathe Baby projector.

Repair Parts List. List of parts, with prices, for Pathex projector, camera, and "automatic drive". This particular list appears to date from 1927.

Pathex Service Information pamphlet. This contains service information and what we might call "FAQs" about operating the Pathex projector.

Pathex Film Joining & Mending. Single-page instructions for using the little wooden-based Pathex film splicer.

Pathescope Film Mender Single-page instructions for using a Pathescope Film Mender. This was a later plastic-based apparatus not too different in operation from the Pathex splicer.

9.5mm Editing Bench. This is a photocopy of a page from an amateur cine magazine; I do not know which magazine or the exact date. It appears to be from a British magazine. This is a quick "how-to" for making your own 9.5mm editing bench with simple materials which may be readily available (perhaps more commonly available in the 1930s than now?). It is very interesting nonetheless.

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