Pathe, 9.5mm, and other small-gauge film sites

Group 9.5 is the 9.5mm club in the U.K. The publish the quarterly journal 9-5

Cine-Club 9,5 de France is the 9.5mm club in France. They publish the quarterly journal Cine' 9,5

8mm Metadirectory contains dozens of useful links; primarily about 8mm, of course, but also about other sub-standard guages.

100 years of film sizes is an extremely interesting and informative site about the history of the development of various film formats.

Ted Barnett is one of our American collectors. His site contains some photos of 9.5mm cameras and projectors.

Grahame Newnham's homepage. Grahame sells fresh 9.5mm camera film as well as miscellaneous equipment and collectible films when they are available. He is very kind, helpful, and a font of knowledge on 9.5mm

Pierre Gauriat's homepage. A helpful site in both French and English with useful charts for comparing 9.5mm to other formats)

Reel Deals is an Australian site devoted to keeping film collectors in touch. There is a quarterly magazine which is chock full of interesting articles as well as listings of films and equipment for sale. The subscription is $25.00 (Australian dollars) for those of us outside the continent. E-mail Mike Trickett for details or write: 25 Fairlie Street, North Geelong, Vic. 3215.

"9,5mm - Das erste Amateur-Filmformat"is an article in German about the place of 9.5mm in the history of cinema. The home of this site, gives a lot of information about the Super 8mm format including filmographies of people currently working in this format.

Ani-Mato is a wonderful site with all kinds of information about animation. It also has a very nicely done section on sub-35mm film formats.

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