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Have you found some odd-looking film with holes in the center in your parents' or grandparents' dresser drawer or closet and want to know how to view it or transfer it to video tape or DVD? Clickhere.

9.5mm real brief history (from France to USA)

9.5USA club activities

To see a news video about our Third Annual Meeting held in June, 2003 at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York, click here. You will need the RealPlayer plugin to view it.

9.5USA history and press release

9.5USA Supports Home Movie Day

This event, held on the same day by sponsors around the world, provides a chance for people in the community to view home movies/amateur films that they may not have seen in many years. Most small gauges are supported. For more information, the latest schedule, and especially on how you too can become a sponsor, visit the Home Movie Day Web Site

Around the World with 9.5mm

9.5mm festivals of interest

Annual International 9,5mm Festival

The 36th Annual International 9.5mm Festival (2011) will be held in England from 8 September to 11 September. For information and registration forms (including film entry) click here.

Discussion Forum

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Try out the new 9.5USA Forum, a bulletin board/discussion area for the 9.5mm film community. You must be a registered user to post messages or reply. Click on the "Register" button at the top of the forum directory. More information will be coming soon!

How to join

Jerry Wagner's Online Catalogs

Other 9.5mm sites

9.5mm Miscellany (books & supplies, etc.)

Instruction Manuals & Other 9.5mm Literature

Looking for an instruction manual for a 9.5mm camera, projector, or other equipment? Click here. I will try to start posting scans of manuals I obtain in .pdf format.

For more information e-mail Kevin Phillips