Organizational Meeting - The Rebirth of 9.5mm in America

Members of 9.5USA and honored guests pose with their cameras beneath the flags of France, the U.S.A. and the Lone Star of Texas as they usher in a new era of 9.5mm in the New World.

Spirits were high and a bit of cinematic clowning was only natural for these nine-fivers blazing new trails.

Kevin Phillips (far left) and wife Kathleen Phillips; Delbert Highlands (far right); Bernard Trembloy, President of Cine-Club 9,5 de France (third from right), Monique and Catherine Trembloy enjoy a day of filming along the scenic Monterey, California coast near the famous Lone Cypress during the organizational meeting.

May, 2000 saw the beginning of a new era in amateur film making in the United States. For perhaps the first time in over 60 years, a group of enthusiasts of the 9.5mm film format gathered to exchange ideas, watch films, and make films with their cherished format. Here are a few photos from the organizational meeting of 9.5USA.

Delbert Highlands displays his collection of vintage 9.5mm equipment during the organizational meeting.

*These three photographs appeared in the July-September, 2000 issue of "Cine' 9,5", the journal of Cine-Club 9,5 de France

Bernard Trembloy, Delbert Highlands, and Kevin Phillips put their cameras to good use along the beautiful Big Sur coast.

Members of 9.5USA, family and friends raise their glasses in a champagne toast to inaugurate the rebirth of 9.5mm in the U.S.A.

9.5USA's Second Annual Meeting

Film enthusiasts gathered in College Station, Texas on June 24, 2001 to participate in the continuing growth of the 9.5mm movement in the United States. After a light supper of spicy Cajun crawfish fettuccine prepared by Kathleen Phillips, guests enjoyed liquid refreshments on the Phillipses' patio while watching classic 9.5mm releases such as Charlie Chaplin's "Shop" (Charlie runs amok in the pawn shop where he is employed) as well as Walt Disney cartoons newly arrived from England. Young and not-so-young attendees all enjoyed these silent classics.

Modern film footage recently processed was also shown, demonstrating that the 9.5mm format is alive and well. Vivid colors and crisp details projected on the large outdoor screen impressed everyone with the capabilities of 9.5mm. It was a "cinema under the stars" evening for the 9.5mm community.

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